League Cricket Balls

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Simon Jones thoughts on the BAS balls 

We have levelled out the playing field with a wide range of BAS cricket balls that cover the professional game, league cricket and school cricket.

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The Leather

We use the best in British hand finished leather from our tanneries in the UK. Our alum tan process using aluminium salts, binders and protein sources, ensure the leather is strengthened and well protected with improved resistance against scuffs and damp conditions

Decades of craftsmanship

 Ball making is a craftsman’s business with every ball constructed of 80 precise hand stitches. Our production team are a 3rd generation of highly skilled craftsman. Our intricate 10-stage process from cutting, stitching and clamping through to quality control results in an incredible cricket ball with the feel and finish you’re looking for

the bas cricket ballS

Our range of cricket balls covers the professional game, leagues through to school cricket. The top of the range Super Test A BAS Cricket Ball will still be shining after 80 overs!

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